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Tantra Teacher Training

Click here to view Tantra Teacher Training Video!

The next Tantra Teachers Training & Certification Program (optional apprenticeship program included) with Dr. Corynna Clarke and Tantra Devi aka Holly AMoore (ACTT&T) will be held in Southern California the 16th through 23rd of September.

Are you thinking about your life’s purpose? Do you want to set your OWN hours? Travel the world? Be your own boss and make an AMAZING living watching others transform and improve their lives? Have ZERO no shows or cancellations? Get a diploma as a Certified Tantra Teacher & Therapist! Empower yourself and others!

This course occurs February & September (EVERY year)
The next Tantra Teachers Training will be held in Southern California September 16 through the 23rd. The tuition for this class is $1600 and due before class begins. Below are discounts give when you pay ahead.

… With Advance Discounts…
$1100 when paid by April 15, 2016

$1200 when paid by May 16, 2016
$1300 when paid by June 15, 2016

$1400 when paid by July 15, 2016
$1500 when paid by August 15 2016, 2014

~ Current advertisers get 40% off
~ Repeat Students get 50% OFF and an Advanced Certified Tantra Teacher and Therapist accreditation

The intensive program is 8 day, advance intensive. We gather 6 hours each day, including one approximately 1 hour lunch and other short breaks. Now you can study at your own pace and do the Teacher’s apprenticeship program online from anywhere! (Soon, Goddess willing the entire program will be available online) The prerequisite is to have some kind of background or experience in Tantra, Massage or other Healing modalities. the course is designed for those who currently work with private students/seekers or are planning to start a private practice. Everyone is both teacher and student. Meetings will cover many things, some of which are:
Sex Magic
Tantric Bodywork
How to Avoid ‘Burn-Out’
Live Demos of the GoddessTemple Healing Ceremonies
Legal Considerations and how to protect yourself
Explore Transformational Breath Techniques
Release limitations about Abundance
Advanced Tantric Healing: Mantra, Nayasa, Yantra, Mudras
Raise your Energetic Frequency  & UP the Vibration Sessions (and everything else in your life!)

Charles Muir of Source School of Tantra
Amritanada Natha Saraswati Guru of Devipuram (GoddessTemple) India,
Tantric Temple Dance Teacher: Vajra Ma
Female Erotica Pioneer Deborah Sundahl
Successful GT Advertisers and Sex Experts like: Mare Simone, CTE Sharon Seabrooke, Goddess Triambika, Goddess Shama Helena and Goddess Laurel and others.

And other professional sex educators, chiropractors, holistic Practioners and successful healers. Discussions will be led in open forum style, so that all can benefit from questions and answers, and all are considered both teachers and students. The program in its entirety provides students with the knowledge and capabilities to consistently facilitate transformational and empowering sessions and deepen your Tantric practice.

Tuition includes optional participation in the apprenticeship/work program with personal on the job training. Students are eligible to enroll in the apprenticeship program after three of the six hour training sessions are completed. Upon completion of the intensive training, passing a written test and fulfillment of the apprenticeship program, students receive a degree acknowledging them as a Certified Tantric Therapist. The apprenticeship program is training one on one with clients, on the phone as well as in and after sessions with Dr. Clarke. In depth marketing and management strategies, and detailed guidelines for performing all of the GoddessTemple ceremonies. .

At least $100 enrollment fee is required to hold your space!

Class size is limited to allow full attention to each student. To enroll yourself, please fill out the application by fax or email and include the $100 fee to reserve your space. Note: Tuition is due in full before the starting time of the first session. If you cancel, $100 of the deposit is non-refundable, but may be applied to future T3 classes or other Temple of the Goddess events.

This class can be scheduled privately.

If you have questions please CALL 831-296-DEVI (text message will NOT be received!) or Email:

Need help? Want to contact Corynna directly?
Email her at

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Tantra is an art. But it is also science and a religion, for some. Just as you would capitalize Buddhism or Quantum Physics, Tantra also deserves a capital letter. It is also proper grammar to capitalize the adjective ‘Tantric’ just as you would capitalize Christian or Buddhist.

Tantra is pronounced with an ‘aw’ sound. Like you would say in the word lawn or ‘ahhh’ as you soak in a hot bath. Think of the ‘ah’ in India not the ‘eh’ in America. Its not pronounced as in say spray ‘tan’ but rather like the ‘awe’ in awesome.

I also capitalize the word Goddess just as you would the word God. Although there are many Gods and Goddesses in Hindu mythology, by capitalizing their names or the word ‘Goddess’, you take ownership of their divinity. It is the same divinity that resides with in you.

Obviously, Source is not male or female. It doesn’t need to be assigned a gender but in doing so we connect with our own divinity and the God or Goddess that dwells inside ALL of us!

Charlie Sheen has goddesses, with a lower case ‘g’ and that is NOT at all what I am talking about!

Another common mistake is to use Tantric in place of Tantra as if they are synonymous. Tantric is actually only an adjective as in the Tantric arts or my Tantric lover.It cant be used to replace the word Tantra on to describe things that are Tantric (related to Tantra).