Help Wanted

I could use your help! Perhaps, you have skills or connections in the areas below. Maybe, my Tantra sessions are over your budget, in which case, this may be EXACTLY the opportunity we are BOTH looking for!

Im willing to trade my TRANSCENDENTAL, life improving, erotic and educational, Tantric ceremonies and healing rituals in gratitude for for your offering me these much needed services.

~ Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor who specializes in body sculpting. I have a gym here!

~ I need web design/coding help to put my Tantra Teachers Training online, so people can complete this program anywhere at anytime via an online program.

~ PROFESSIONAL bodywork and massage therapy (PLEASE BE Certified or Licensed) Remember, I have two certifications in Tantra and vast experience in surrogacy and bodywork. I require PROFESSIONAL services NOT someone who provides massage as a hobby and has NO formal training or experience. Remember I teach Tantric bodywork in my sessions and I am NOT looking to do it for free in my spare time! If you are experienced, let me know and we will work an equal exchange.

~ A publicist/marketing/ PR person. I need someone who can promote me, my websites, workshops, sessions, Tantra trainings etc.

~ Lawyer for legal help with trademarks and copyrights.

If you can offer any of these, lets work out a win-win trade for BOTH of us!