Tantra is an art. But it is also science and a religion, for some. Just as you would capitalize Buddhism or Quantum Physics, Tantra also deserves a capital letter. It is also proper grammar to capitalize the adjective ‘Tantric’ just as you would capitalize Christian or Buddhist.

Tantra is pronounced with an ‘aw’ sound. Like you would say in the word lawn or ‘ahhh’ as you soak in a hot bath. Think of the ‘ah’ in India not the ‘eh’ in America. Its not pronounced as in say spray ‘tan’ but rather like the ‘awe’ in awesome.

I also capitalize the word Goddess just as you would the word God. Although there are many Gods and Goddesses in Hindu mythology, by capitalizing their names or the word ‘Goddess’, you take ownership of their divinity. It is the same divinity that resides with in you.

Obviously, Source is not male or female. It doesn’t need to be assigned a gender but in doing so we connect with our own divinity and the God or Goddess that dwells inside ALL of us!

Charlie Sheen has goddesses, with a lower case ‘g’ and that is NOT at all what I am talking about!

Another common mistake is to use Tantric in place of Tantra as if they are synonymous. Tantric is actually only an adjective as in the Tantric arts or my Tantric lover.It cant be used to replace the word Tantra on to describe things that are Tantric (related to Tantra).